Sleepy Owl Sweet Coffee

Just coffee, milk, & sugar. Cold brewed. Drink ice cold!
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  Sleepy Owl Classic Coffee

Just coffee, milk, & (a little) sugar. Cold brewed. Drink ice cold!
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  Anna's Buttermilk (250 ML)

The spicy coolant that makes summer feel like spring.

  Black Beauty (250 ML)

An activated charcoal drink mixed with kaffir lime, honey & mint.

  Cold Brew+ : Green Tea Cold Brew (250 ML)

Cold brewed green tea water with chia seeds, lemon and mint leaves

  Strawberry Smoothie (250 ML)

A blushing blend of sweet strawberries, smooth bananas and creamy yogurt

  Yoga Kick+ : Healthy Green Smoothie (250 ML) : Healthy Green Smoothie

Spinach, apple, Lettuce, Tamarind, Jeera, celery

  Green Mint Cooler (250 ML)


  Shuddh Watermelon (250 ML)

The wonderful watermelon elixir that is just fruit in a bottle (250ml)

  Meerut ka Jaljeera (250 ML)

Spicy jaljeera with boondi.

  Aqua+ (250 ML)

Detox water with lemon, mint and chia seeds.

  Himalayan Iced Tea (250 ML)

The chilled amber beauty that gets you high in all the right ways

  Modinagar ki Shikanji (250 ML)

Lemonade made with a chatpata twist.

  ABC+ (250 ML)

Apple, Beetroot & Carrot Juice

  Glow+ (250 ML)

Banana, Spinach Smoothie (250 ml)

  Cuban Cold Coffee (250 ML)

The superpower of the best coffee on earth contained in a bottle (250ml)

  Turbo Charger (250 ML)

The classic lemonade with a modern minty twist.