Masala Potato Wedges

Fulfilling, delicious potato wedges, tossed in masala.
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  All American Veg 'N' Cheese Burger

Melting cheese patty, veggie patty, jalapenos
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  Jaat Chicken Burger

Tender chicken patty, mayonnaise
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  Lovely Singh Paneer Burger

Punchy paneer patty, Punjabi tadka sauce
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  Oye Hoye Paneer Burger

Crispy paneer patty, mayonnaise
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  Singh Is Kinng Chicken Burger

Crunchy chicken patty, tandoori mayonnaise
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  All American Double Chicken Burger

Melting cheese patty, chicken patty, jalapenos
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  Jhakaas Batata Burger

Crunchy aloo patty, chipotle sauce
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  Rascala Burger

Masala potato patty, tomato onion chutney
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  Salted Fries

The classic, delicious potato fries, salted to perfection.
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  Chak De Chana Burger

Channa masala patty, chatpata chutney

  Faadu Footlong

Succulent shredded chicken, surprise desi sauce

  Rustomjee Egg Burger

Delicious egg patty, mint chutney

  Fatafati Macchi Burger

Succulent fish patty, mustard sauce

  Peri Peri Fries

Spicy, irresistible potato fries, coated in Peri Peri.