Lemon Rice

Sunny lemon rice with tangy pickle and raita
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  Batata Grilled Sandwich

A classic yet delicious masala aloo grilled sandwich with refreshing green chutney
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  Spicy Aloo Sandwich

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  Dilli 6 Ki Paneer Bhurji With Jumbo Pav

Scrambled Paneer with sautéed onions and bell peppers served with 2 toasted pavs
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  Rajma + Veg Jalfrezi Thali

A delish mix of spiced rajma, veg jalfrezi, two flaky rotis and jeera rice
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  Beet It (Veg)

A healthy thali with two beetroot rotis, delish palak paneer and yogurt.
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  Bean Trio Salad

Protein loaded chickpeas, cowpeas and kidney beans. Juicy tomatoes. Antioxidant rich bell peppers. Creamy Tzatziki.
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  Ambrosia Super Bowl

A wholesome, fulfilling brown rice salad with grilled veggies.

  Dal Makhani With Jeera Rice

Creamy dal makhani with fragrant basmati jeera rice

  Tropical Crunch Fruit Salad

A bowl of freshly cut fruits, nutty granola, feta cheese and delicious honey lemon dip