InnerChef is a pioneer when it comes to identifying talent in unexpected people and places. People from all walks of life have joined InnerChef with just one thing in common - their love and passion for food. Our core values are: People, Innovation, Experience, Entrepreneurship.

Our Positions :

Happiness Manager
Digital Marketer
Data Scientist
Food Alchemist

Since the inception of the company three years ago, we have never had to hire headhunters to find the kind of talent that can build a startup like InnerChef at breakneck speed. In fact, the right people have always gravitated towards us because of our core values, our customer obsession and our passion for our food, and our people.

We have had people from all walks of life join us in our journey to build something special. The people at InnerChef love and believe our vision to deliver the best food experience ever. We have never had the need to use external models to market our products; our team members are our mascots.

We have also released some innovative hiring campaigns to attract the right kind of talent. At InnerChef, we want passionate, hard-working people who love food, work hard and have fun while doing it all. We want people to learn more, do more and be more with InnerChef.

Here’s a sample of our digital hiring campaign for the team. We wanted to show that a startup requires people who have a core discipline or strength, yet they can multitask, learn and develop different skill sets and carry out varied projects to completion. Passion, hard work and a willingness to learn is what we look for; not just qualifications and degrees.