Ultimate Chocolate Cake
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  Shuddh Watermelon (250 ML)
The wonderful watermelon elixir that is just fruit in a bottle (250ml)
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  Gobhi Parantha
Three masaledaar Gobhi Paranthas with dahi, achaar & makhan.
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  Szechuan Veg With Hakka Noodles
Spicy, delicious Szechuan veggies with stir fried Hakka noodles.
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  Up South
Ragi Masala Dosa, Veggie Idli, Sambhar, Tomato Chutney, Coconut Chutney, Onion Salsa.
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  Kadhai Paneer + Rajma Thali
A tempting thali with rajma, kadhai paneer, two parathas and jeera rice.
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  Veg Biryani
Aromatic, delicious veggie biryani cooked slowly with spices, served with a fresh raita.
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  Kathal Biryani (Jackfruit)
A delectable dum cooked kathal biryani cooked slowly with spices and served with refreshing raita
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  Chicken Biryani
Fragrant, amazing chicken biryani cooked slowly with spices, served with a refreshing raita.
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