Gobhi Parantha
Three masaledaar Gobhi Paranthas with dahi, achaar & makhan.
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  Aloo Paratha
Three 5" Parathas with curd, butter and pickle.
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  Paneer Parantha
Three makhmali Paneer Paranthas with dahi, achaar and makhan.
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  Egg Paratha Sliders
Three scrumptious Egg Paranthas with dahi, achaar & makhan.
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  Grand Madras Tiffin
2 idlis, 2 vadas, 2 mini masala dosas with sambar, coconut chutney and onion tomato chutney
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  Namma Bengaluru Tiffin
2 mini masala dosas, bisibela bath, sambhar, chutneys and crunchy boondi
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  Kottayam Fish Curry Rice Bowl
Nadan fish curry with fluffy steamed rice
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  Bali In A Box (FISH)
Flavoursome South East Asian fish delight brought to you in a box of rice.
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  Fish + Herb Salsa
Zesty flavoursome fish plated with sauteed vegetables & paprika rice accompanied by refreshing salsa.
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  ITC Master Chef Prawns Aglio Olio Pasta
Pasta, prawns and veggies in a simple, lovely aglio olio sauce.
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  ITC Master Chef Coconut Prawn Curry with Coconut Rice
Creamy Coconut Based Prawn Curry With Fragrant Coconut Rice
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  Kung Pao Prawns with Hakka Noodles
Spicy, sweet Kung Pao Prawns with stir fried Hakka Noodles.
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